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1.Thought management
If you allow thoughts of lack creep into your mind, you are going to have a manifestation of lack. Never tolerate them. Don’t underestimate them. Address them IMMEDIATELY. As soon as they come, replace them with a prosperity thought. By the time you do this for month, it will become a habit! 

2.Discipline yourself to always under promise and over deliver
Never hype what you can do to a customer. It can work once, but it will ruin your reputation. Human beings hate it when they get less than they expected. But they never forget who delivered more than they expected. 

3.Whether you have your own business or job, about delivering activity
Only deliver results. And if you can’t deliver results, fess up! Don’t be focused on your output. Be focused on your outcome. Your activity must lead to productivity or it is a nullify! 

4.Understand the boundaries of your competence and don’t cross it until you have first expended your competence
Look at this way. If you know how to do 1 to 4 well, limit yourself to that. Because if you attempt 5 and you do a shoddy job, that is what you will be remembered for, instead of the good 1 to 4. 

5.Learn how to listen to people with so much interest and intensity
When they are talking make eye contact. Imagine that they are the most important people in the world just then. Periodically say ‘hmm’ as in agreement. Do this genuinely and your influence will explode!

6.Keep your opinions about other people to yourself
Never share them with others. In most cases, if you tell others, they will go and tell the person you spoke about. And it will reduce your standing. So, learn to talk about many things without revealing anything! 

7.Don’t be in business to be busy
Be in business to be productive. And to do this, you must learn time management. Being on social media is busyness. Selling on social media is productive. If you don’t know the difference, you can’t be effective. 

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