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10 Things I Wish You Should Have Known Before Now

Welcome to the Vietogether Podcast series. Today join us as we listen to the episode:
 "10 Things I Wish You Should, Have Known Before Now"


Amoy Ton

1. You want to be loved and that is great. But know that people love those who love themselves. People will respond to your energy according to what you display. If you feel worthy, they will feel that you are worth too.

2. Remember that just because a relationship has lasted a long time does not mean that it's working. You have the ability to evaluate and redefine it against the goal. 

3. In life, you are going to feel pain anyway. Either pain from growth, or pain from regret. Please choose growth.

4. If someone can't tell you their flaws, they have a dangerous lack of self-awareness.

5. If you don't create a plan of execution for your goals and dreams, you will probably never achieve them.

6. The best revenge is getting yourself to a place where you no longer care about revenge.

7. Take intelligent risks. Everything in life has risk. Work, love, adventure, all have risks. That is what makes life exciting and worth living.

8. Self-respect comes from self-control.

9. If you always think your happiness is somewhere else, it will never be where you are.

10. No one will truly love you until you love yourself.

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